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c. 2010 - 2016
I've been creating my own jewelry and distinct decorating style since I was an adolescent. Many times, the creations came out just the way my imagination planned them. Other times? Well, not so much - but 'pretty cool' nonetheless;-)

Add many years, trial and error and experience and a few life lessons along the way and the path between my tools and my imagination has shortened significantly. I do enjoy coming up with something distinctly unique and it's near impossible for me to make any two things identical. The lovelies I make take on a life of their own and even though I am their 'creator', I don't always know how they will end up.

I work primarily with cultured pearls and semi-precious stones. Oh! And vintage buttons! You simply must see these button rings for yourself. . . And blingy bottles. . . and frou-frou frames. . . and (OH!) so many more treasures for you and your home. I strive to keep my shop full of delectable items where you can find your heart's joy. But, if your imagination is at work, and you're unsure of how to bring it to life - contact me. Let's work together to take your musing and turn it into your own very special treasure. Bling to make your heart sing.

I also enjoy writing - and thus the ksyardbird blog was born. One of my favorite things, sharing blingy creations and decorating tips, is to 'blog' kitchen adventures with Hubster. Be sure to check all the recipes (with lots of pictures) on my blog page! You'll find all kinds of topics too -and won't want to miss a single one.

Look me up if you're ever in Northwest Arkansas. I would love to show you the studio and let you take a peek at all the new creations in the shop. Besides, you might even get some chocolate chip cookies, a mojito from Hubster, or an invite to supper. . . Who could pass that up?

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